The jewel of the Amazon

Due to the deep roots that its inhabitants share with the Amazon jungle, Iquitos has received the nickname of Capital of the Peruvian Amazon. This warm city is located in the country’s northeastern jungle, an area accessible only by riverboat or plane.

Iquitos is the capital of the province of Loreto and it boasts a diverse and exciting nightlife. Visitors will have a chance to get a taste of its peculiar and varied cuisine, made mostly with local ingredients.

Some of the city’s must-see attractions include Casa de Fierro (House of Steel), designed by French architect Gustave Eiffel, Iglesia Matriz and Main Square. In the outskirts, not very far from the city, tourists can visit the San Andres Bora Community, the Island of Padre Concha, and the Alpahuayo Mishana Natural Reserve. The wild adventure begins going in one of the lodges up to the Amazonas in direction or inside the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

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