The navel of the world

Formerly known as the seat of the Inca Empire, Cuzco is known as the Rome of the Americas due to the vast number of historical monuments it contains. Inca palaces, churches, archaeological sites and colonial houses adorn its mysterious streets.

At nearly 3400 meters (11154ft) above sea level in the southern highlands, Cuzco has a cool and temperate climate, and it is ready to delight visitors with its amazing craftsmanship and culinary heritage in the various restaurants and markets that populate the city. It also offers a wide variety of hotels ranging from luxury lodges to traditional communities where visitors can experience first-hand the local culture through homestay tourism.

Cuzco is a common starting point from which to explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas along the Urubamba River. And even more astonishing, either by train or through the Inca Trail, enjoy not only its natural but also man-made wonders like Machu Picchu.

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