The best view of the Sacred Valley


In the Sacred Valley there is an extraordinary place at an altitude of 4000 meters, where you can experience unique panoramic views. Follow our photographic account of the zip line and its hanging capsules.

1. The full tour begins with an ascent by via ferrata; a 300 meter section of metal ladders and bridges fixed to the mountains. You will use a harness and karabiners at all times.


2. As you continue to climb above the Valley and the Urubamba, the sacred river of the Incas, the view becomes increasingly stunning. All you have to do to enjoy the view is dare to cross a bridge made from steel cables.


3. At 400 meters above the ground, a magical sunset awaits you, and during every moment you will feel the power of nature.


4. One of the options available is to spend the first night suspended high up in a capsule, hanging from the rock face. This is the first hanging camping lodge in the world; a truly cozy nest.


5. There you will enjoy a hot gourmet meal and a bottle of wine that will have been brought up by a climbing waiter. The capsules are also equipped with a dry bathroom facility.


6. Completely open and transparent, the capsules offer a 360° view of the Milky Way. They are built from aerospace aluminum and polycarbonate.


7. In the morning, the Sacred Valley will be gradually revealed as the sun begins to rise.


8. You will breakfast on your terrace, outside the capsule at 4000 meters above sea level.


9. The descent is made by zip line; steel cables from which you will be suspended for a distance of 2,800 meters, composed of a series of 7 cables. You can also enjoy this experience by opting for the 3 to 4 hour zip line return.


10. They say that the first cable is the most difficult, and afterwards you will enjoy all the others and delight in the sensation of flight, high above one of the most mystical places on Earth.


Via Ferrata or Zip Line only: 175 Soles

Combined Via Ferrata and Zip Line: 265 Soles

Includes transport between Cusco and the Sacred Valley, equipment, guide and snacks.

Via Ferrata + Zipline + 1 night: 1085 Soles per person

(From 980 Soles for a single activity and one night)

In Pachar, 10 minutes from Ollantaytambo and 75 minutes from Cusco, 084 201253,