My Favorite Destination with Christelle

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Iquitos PerúEpisodes
Ep 1: Secrets And history Of Iquitos
Ep 2: Sailing on Nanay River
Ep 3: Iquitos and its jungle cuisine
Ep 4: Mick Jagger film on peruvian jungle


Pucallpa Lima PerúEpisodes
Ep 5: Amazonian natives on Pucallpa
Ep 6: Exotic forest and animals on Pucallpa
Ep 7: Relax and tasty food on Pucallpa
Ep 8: Relax, Nature and Energy on the Jungle


Ep 9: Peruvian Inca Culture on Huanuco
Ep 10: Forest of stone cunyac on Huanuco
Ep 11: Peruvian cuisine on Huanuco
Ep 12: Beautiful hostels on Huanuco


Ayacucho StarPerúEpisodes
Ep 13: Paragliding, motocross: extreme adventure on Ayacucho
Ep 14: Huamanga, Ayacucho: City of churches
Ep 15: Beautiful landscape and architecture on Ayacucho
Ep 16: The Mystical cuisine of Ayacucho


Ep 17: The majestic city of Cuzco
Ep 18: Adrenaline and adventure in Cuzco
Ep 19: Discover the beautiful landscapes of Cuzco
Ep 20: Searching gourmet places in Cuzco


Ep 21: Lima: Gastronomic capital of Peru
Ep 22: Swim with sea lions or paragliding?
Ep 23: Visiting museums in Lima
Ep 24: Discovering the secrets of Callao

Puerto Maldonado

my favourite destination logo miniEpisodes
Ep 25: Puerto Maldonado: Capital of Biodiversity of Peru 
Ep 26: Adventure in the jungle of Puerto Maldonado
Ep 27: Smells and flavors of the gastronomy of Puerto Maldonado 
Ep 28: Puerto Maldonado: paradise of animal life


my desEpisodes
Ep 29: Extreme adventure in Tarapoto
Ep 30: Visiting Quechua Lamistas communities in Tarapoto
Ep 31: Knowing exotic species of Tarapoto
Ep 32: Fall in love with flavors of Tarapoto

 Special  of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Ep 1: The adventure begins
Ep 2: The inhabitants of Yarina
Ep 3: In the lung of the planet
Ep 4: The turtles forest

Special  of Machu Picchu: The path of the jungle

machu ingEpisodes
Ep 1: 4000 to 1500 meters
Ep 2: On the inca trail
Ep 3: Adrenaline and relaxation
Ep 4: Inca Jewel