A city of a thousand faces

As the capital of Peru, Lima is considered the economic, political, and gastronomic hub of the country. It is located on the central coast along the Pacific Ocean and has a temperate climate with high levels of humidity throughout the year. From December to Abril, the sun is radiant.

Founded on January 18, 1535, the city’s historic center has been designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it still holds important examples of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and republican architectures. Its more modern areas, however, offer visitors a wide variety of bars, pubs, and nightclubs to enjoy the local nightlife.

Lima not only has within it, but also not far around it, several places to rest and unwind. But if excitement is what the visitor seeks, the city also offers natural areas to practice adventure sports such as surfing, trekking, swimming with sea lions and paragliding, among others.

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