The best climate of the Andes

Capital of the province with the same name, Huanuco is located in the Huallaga River Valley, at around 1200m (3937ft) above sea level. There are very few similar highland cities like it: with pleasant weather, deep blue skies, and sunshine all year round.

Some of its most visited landmarks are the traditional Calicanto Bridge, the cathedral, and 5km away from the city, the famous Kotosh archeological complex, also known as the Temple of the Crossed Hands. Don’t doubt going further down to Huanuco Pampa where there is still part of Inca Trail or trekking by the Lauricocha Lake and Cordillera Hayhuash. From Huanuco tourists can also visit Tingo Maria, the gateway to the Amazon rainforest and the natural habitat of various species of birds and plants.

Two festivities that stand out in the city’s calendar are the Feast of Negritos in January and the Fiesta Patronal of the Lord of Burgos at the end of October.

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