Peru in 120 seconds


This 2015 StarPeru and Christelle Bittner continue showing you that Peru is more than you can imagine, find out in “Peru in 120 seconds.”



Ep. 1: “Good vibes in the Sacred Valley”

In the Sacred Valley, the Incas felt a strong bond with nature. Want to experience how it feels today? Acompany Christelle and breathe the fresh air in 120 seconds. Check out


Ep. 2: “Summer in Lima”

Lima, the peruvian capital, some call it “Lima the grey”. Follow Christelle and discover Lima from a surfboard, paragliding or on a sailboat. 120 seconds to forget for sure about the grey. Check out


Ep. 3: “Native Communities”

Do you want to know native people in Peru that still preserve their ancestral customs? Christelle has 120 seconds for you to share a vivencial experience with them. Check out

barroque cuzco

Ep. 4: “Barroque Cuzco”

They say there are only stones and Inca ruins in Cuzco. Christelle has 120 seconds to show you The Barroque Cuzco. Join on her tour through extraordinary temples to opera nights and a lot more. Check out


Ep. 5: “Iquitos, an island in the Amazon”

Iquitos can only be reached by river or air. Today, Christelle has 120 seconds to show you the exotic side of the jungle. Climb aboard! Check out

Ep. 6my favourite destination logo mini: “The cheerful llamas”

In the Sacred Valley, there is a project that allows you to walk accompanied by llamas and help to value them. Christelle has 120 seconds to take you to the world of the cheerful llamas. Get ready! Check out

mini enEp. 7: “In the amazon rainforest”

Today, Christelle has 120 seconds to take you on a walk above the trees in the Peruvian Amazon. A trip full of spectacular views and lots of biodiversity. Check out

Peru in 120 secondsEp. 8: “Mouth watering”

They said that Peru is one on the best gastronomic destinations in the world.  Get ready! Today you’ll get your mouth water in just 120 seconds. Are you ready for this? Check out

my favourite destination logo miniEp. 9: “Coffee and chocolate flavor”

Peru‬ produces one of the best coffees and chocolates. Today, in 120 seconds, we’ll travel to Cusco‬ and its jungle, to get you to know who makes them and how. A sweet adventure! Check out

Peru in 120 secondsEp. 10: “Machu Picchu 360º”

At Machu Picchu, only 2,500 lucky ones can enter a day. Today 120 seconds gives you all the tips to enjoy our amazing inca citadel. Pick your track and enjoying this adventure! Check out

Peru in 120 secondsEp. 11: “The Zen Jungle”

The Jungle is not only to explore and get lost. Near Tarapoto‬ get to know the cozy and ecological corner of the jungle that awaits you. Perfect to enjoy in a zen mood. You have 120 seconds to relax yourself. Check out

chiqui enEp. 12: “100% Adrenalin”

‪Want to change the routine? Our program 120 seconds takes you to the coast, the highlands and the jungle of Peru for an episode full of adventure and adrenaline. Hold on! Check out

Ep. 13: “The secret jungle”

‪Dreaming to experience something out of the ordinary, see exotic animals and spend a night atop the trees ? In Tingana, a magical forest awaits you. Just fly to Tarapoto and enjoy it. Check out

Ep. 14: “Travel in a Hammock”

‪Did you know that Che Guevara himself explored a huge part of peruvian Amazon on a ferry? You too can do it ! Just take your hammock and travel! Check out

limaEp. 15: “Ancient Lima”

‪Lima is not just a modern city. The peruvian capital has a valuable pre-columbian heritage that you have to stroll through. Discover it in Peru in 120 seconds. Check out

Ep. 16: “100% Biodiversity “

‪Do you want to see tunquis, hummingbirds and wild monkeys? Today Peru in 120 seconds take you to the jungle of Cusco to discover biological stations full of biodiversity. Check out

Ep. 17: “48 Hours in Pucallpa “

‪In just 48 hours in Pucallpa you’ll find out that you can feel totally relaxed in this jungle. Enjoy the experience between nature, artcrafts and good food.  Check out


Ep. 18: “The Apu Ausangate Trail “

‪Come with us on a stunning journey around the Ausangate Mountain, the highest sacred mountain in the Cusco region.  Check out


miniaturaEp. 19: “The wonderful Tambopata”

‪Believe in magic again! Peru in 120 seconds takes you to the heart of Tambopata National Reserve, close to Puerto Maldonado.  Check out