The butterfly garden


We have found the ideal way to begin or end your time in the beautiful jungles of Peru. Visit the Tambopata Butterfly Garden, situated just a short distance from the Puerto Maldonado airport.

Augusto and Valeria shared the same dream for many years: They wanted to open a butterfly garden. They eventually launched their business in 2002, but at the time there was little demand for the attraction they had created. The place was then run by private companies and only a fortunate few were able to visit it. The good news is that for the past year the butterfly garden is open to all, and visitors can learn more about what is now the largest exhibition of live butterflies in Peru.

The entire area is protected by nets and visitors are able to walk through a kind of enchanted garden with a stream, small bridges, thousands of plants, fruit-bearing trees and vast numbers of butterflies, of all sizes and colors. You can learn more about the stages in these butterflies’ development and observe eggs, larvae, pupas and adult butterflies. You can see them emerge with your own eyes, and photograph them in the garden. It is impossible not to spot them in the 600 square meters of the refuge.

Remember, however, that the rules here are the same as in nature: the best time to see butterflies is in the early morning or late afternoon; keep as quiet as possible when walking and be alert to any movement. If you’re very lucky you might even come across one of the Amazon’s squirrels during your walk. They are not bred at the refuge, but they’ve made it their home.

Take time to visit the snack bar and boutique. The Morpho Bar offers a wood-lined room with a peaceful atmosphere, making it the ideal setting for savoring the finest craft beers in Peru. The boutique offers a very good selection of handcrafted gifts difficult to find elsewhere in the town. The Tambopata Butterfly Garden is situated just 150 meters from the Puerto Maldonado Padre Aldamiz International Airport and its staff will keep you informed of flight departures. This is yet another secret we have revealed to ensure that you will have a uniquely colorful experience the next time you travel to the forests of the Peruvian Amazon.

Entrance charge: S/ 18 Peruvian soles (residents S/ 15 soles)

Open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except Sundays when it opens at 9:00 am

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