Seven patriotic Peruvian souvenirs


To mark the Peruvian Independence Day celebrations, choose a different souvenir for yourself from these unbeatable options for every day of the week.

  1. Your “I Love Llamas” t-shirt

Take your new Andean friends with you wherever you go by choosing a souvenir t-shirt decorated with colorful llamas. Casual and urban.

Where? Cocoliso in Cusco (Calle Palacio 122).


  1. Your Andean amulet

If you look up when wandering through the streets of Cusco, you’ll see the magical bulls on the roofs of the houses that have served as inspiration for many artists. One of those artists is the designer Isa Bellido, who as part of her brand Isa Luna has recreated them in ceramic form.

Where? The Galería in Cusco (Carmen Alto 162, San Blas),  and Vernácula in Lima (Ayacucho 269, Barranco).


  1. Your embroidered bag

To raise your spirits and bring a playful touch to your look, choose this bag with its typical Andean embroidered bright colors, made by the Las Polleras de Angus designer.

Where? Lamaland in Cusco (Calle Suecia 638).


  1. Your Amazon t-shirt

The message is clear and the face pays homage to the Shipibo craftswomen of the central Amazon. T-shirts are also available in bright colors, with folkloric motifs and a psychedelic vibe.

Where?  La Kasa Roja in Lima (Calle Colon 380).


  1. Your Pisco Sour t-shirt

If you have fallen in love with the pisco sour, then savor the finest of all cocktails with your friends by taking Peru’s most traditional drink recipe with you on your t-shirt. This is part of the Peruvian collection produced by Hangertips.

Where? Hangertips in Lima (Calle Porta 120, Miraflores).


  1. Your 100% traditional woolen hat

If you’re looking for an authentic Peruvian woolen hat that will remind you always of the smiling faces you met during your travels, check out the Traditional Textiles Center in Cusco. Each item is free trade and bears a label with the name of the person who made it.

Where? The Traditional Textiles Center in Cusco (Avenida El Sol 603).


  1. Your stylized skirt

The “pollera” is the traditional Andean skirt, worn above the knee, voluminous and embroidered. At Warmichic Qarla Quispe this authentic garment is given a uniquely modern touch to suit any occasion.

Where? Warmichic in Lima (Larco 345, store 5-27, Miraflores).

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