The Jungle For 15 USD A Night.


Here are some ideas to save while you travel without exceeding your budget in a hotel for one night. Opt for the sympathetic and economic options.

Puerto Maldonado
Tambopata Hostel
The hostel is only a block from the Plaza de Armas. Kherson and Ericka welcome you to a relaxed hostel with all the essentials for the young and party crowd. They offer one day or more jungle tours and this year they have opened a lodge in the Tambopata Reserve, with the same with the same backpacker spirit. It’s located on the Mississippi Creek, along the Tambopata River, a 2-hour boat ride from a macaw clay lick.
Cost: 30 soles per bed, 40 soles for a private room with a shared bathroom (70 soles for two people) and 50 soles for a private room with a bathroom (80 soles for two people). Breakfast is included. They have Wi-Fi throughout the area and access to the kitchen for guests.
Tours to Tambopata Reserve from 270 USD for 2 days/1 night, all inclusive.
Location: Av. du 26 de Diciembre 234, 082 574201,

Anaconda Lodge
The lodge is located 600 meters from the airport, just upon exiting. Yet the forest is secondary, you can hear the birds in the trees and be delighted with a pleasant flavor of the forest. The cabins are rustic, six of which have two bedrooms each and shared bathrooms. Ten more spacious rooms are on the second floor with private bathrooms. Everyone can enjoy the pool (necessary due to the extreme heat in Puerto Maldonado). Don’t forget to reserve your table to enjoy Thai food prepared by the owner, Wadde. His dishes are exquisite and is certainly a plus. For those looking for something more economical, you can use the space for camping with all the services. Anaconda is a good choice when arriving or before leaving Puerto Maldonado, but keep in mind that it’s not in the jungle. So you must take a tour with them or other lodges. To reach the center, a mototaxi will charge no more than 10 soles.
Cost: 20 soles per person, per night. 50 soles a person with a shared bathroom and 100 soles with a private bathroom. 80 soles for two people with a shared bathroom and 160 with a private bath.
Adress: Airport exit, 082 792726,

Pirwa Maldonado Hostel
Comfortable, modern and affordable, there we go! Pirwa has a chain of hotels that are all around Peru. Good facilities and clean, with all the services a backpacker needs. The bedrooms are for 4 people, each with a bathroom, ceiling fan, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi. They also offer private rooms or matrimonial suites and have a mini bar. There is a kitchen in the common area, a rooftop terrace and additional services such as massages, manicures and pedicures and laundry service.
Pirwa Maldonado is located just five minutes from the main square of Puerto Maldonado.
Cost: 4 bed dorm with private bathroom, 48 soles, double with private bathroom, 108 soles. Continental breakfast included.
Location: On the corner of Jr. Moquegua and Jr. Tacna (one block from the fire station),

Backpacker Colibrí
A small inn, full of good vibes, where Anne and her daughters invite you to experience their philosophy of relaxation, healthiness and connection to the jungle life. The bedrooms have 4 single beds, so remain calm. The other rooms are simple and clean with shared bathrooms, hot water, Wi-Fi, a small garden space with chairs and space to do laundry. Ana knows the jungle of San Martin well and can explain how you can discover the region outside of the traditional paths. She also has an ecological house in a village, Aldea Mishkiyacu in San Roque de Cumbaza. There you can also rent a cabin if you want to disconnect from everything.
Cost: 35 soles a bed, 70 soles for a matrimonial. Vegetarian breakfast included.
Location: Jr. Gregorio Delgado 374, 997 333 551

La Posada Inn
This large house is located half a block from the Plaza de Armas of Tarapoto but the rooms are on the second floor of a central courtyard and you can feel the bustle of the movement of Tarapoto. Climb an imposing wooden staircase to reach the cozy second floor decorated with flowers. The rooms are small and dark, ideal for relaxing but not to stay all day long. Each has a mini bar, cable TV, Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with warm water. This Posada is a classic hotel where you will receive recommendations about the neighboring agencies for your next tours.
Cost: 60 soles for a single room with a fan, air conditioning for 75 soles. 80 soles for a matrimonial with a fan or air conditioning for 100 soles. Breakfast is included and is served in the Merendero restaurant below La Posada.
Location: Jr. San Martin 146, 042 522 234,

Tarapoto PosadaInn D.R

Tarapoto PosadaInn D.R

Los Huingos Lodge
This is our best option in Tarapoto: a somewhat secluded tropical garden with spacious rooms, located about 15 minutes from downtown (2 Soles in mototaxi). This small lodge already has one foot in the jungle. It has brick bungalows, each with two bedrooms, a terrace and a hammock, spacious and well equipped. In addition, they have private bathrooms with warm water and a refrigerator. The Wi-Fi only reaches the common area and the bungalows nearby, keep this in mind when you book. The kitchen is a common area, with free access to everyone. The garden is huge, with lots of flowers, birds and butterflies. The lodge has rooms on both sides of the road, however the new bungalows are a bit smaller. The lodge has fans only but it’s much cooler than in the city itself. It is very quiet and well located to visit Urku or the rescue center or hike the Cordillera Escalera-Alto Shilcayo, both passing Prolongación Alerta.
Cost: 80 soles for a single room, matrimonial for 100 soles, 120 soles for a double and 150 soles for a triple. Continental breakfast included.
Location: Prolongación Alerta 620, 042 524171,


Hostal Komby
A particular hostel, comfortable and clean with a small central pool, where the heat is strong. They feature suites that were recently renovated and have Wi-Fi. Obviously there are many more budget hostels in Pucallpa, but this is the best option considering the quality and price. It is also 200 meters from the Plaza de Armas.
Cost: 65 soles for a single room, 85 soles for a double and a triple for 125 soles. 20 additional Soles for air conditioning. Breakfast and airport transfers are included.
Location: Jr. Ucayali 360, 061 592 074 or 061 571 562,

Sol de Mayo
When you get to Pucallpa, you should visit Yarinaqucha. A full day tour takes you by boat to see the birds, reptiles, forests and dolphins, if you’re lucky. Sol de Mayo is just a small backpacker and family B&B about 10 blocks from the port. The rooms are small and colorful with wooden fixtures, very clean with excellent attention from Elena. The rooms are simple but there are hammocks in the garden, tea available upon request, Wi-Fi throughout the house and Elena is a very good counselor for tours or Ayahuasca retreats, if that’s what you’re interested in. Since Yarinacocha doesn’t have many options, Elena also presents an option that includes two fresh meals per day.
Cost: 35 soles a night per person, 65 soles per person with breakfast and lunch or dinner.
Location: Jr. Los Cedros (10 blocks from Campo Ferial de Yarinacocha), 949 682 970,

Los Gavinales
Much more classic and located in the area near Yarinacocha. This brick hotel offers modern rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi and access to the central pool with a sunken bar. For a tourist traveling alone, it’s an excellent choice. The hotel is popular with Peruvians who are visiting or looking for some rest.
Cost: 105 soles for a simple room, matrimonial for 120 soles and 130 soles for a family. Breakfast is included.
Location: 370 Ipuatia Jr., Yarinacocha, 061 597 255,

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