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La casa de mi sueño / Photo: Joseluis Franco

Traveling to Tarapoto or Moyobamba and looking for a secluded spot to relax? These three houses are for you!

Casa de Palos Boutique, Tarapoto

In the city, hidden behind a wooden entrance, Casa de Palos has thirteen spacious rooms set around a small garden and a large tree. It´s a comfortable boutique hotel, with identity. The exterior of the house is decorated with wooden balconies and has many colorful and artistic touches. The rooms open with double French doors to the outside. They have queen size beds, LCD TVs with cable, hot water, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a place to hide from the sudden and heavy rains in the jungle. Everything is near the hotel: you can choose whether to go to a waterfall, raft down the river or meet the native people of Lamas. The hotel offers custom tours.

The plus: The Cafeteria and The Quilpa Café, where they roast their own coffee beans, with wooden floors and furniture and colorful paintings with Amazonian influences. Here, the coffee is organic and made with great care, at your request: French press or Italian coffee, strong, thin brewed or sweet. American breakfast is available and at any time of the day, you can enjoy an extensive menu of sandwiches and salads. The Lomo Saltado and Chicken Caprese is recommended. There are also homemade Juanes.

Beware: of the noisy motorcycle taxis that invade the entire city of Tarapoto. Choose the back rooms on the second floor, they are brighter and quieter.

Prices: Simple Room S/. 110, Matrimonial Suite S/. 175. Discounts are available online.

Where: Jr. Leoncio Prado 155, 942 666 453. Web 

Casa de Seizo, Moyobamba

Seizo and Aurora have been receiving tourists in Moyobamba for years. They are recommended for being the best guides, which is why many recommend going to this house located up the coast, next to San Mateo´s beautiful hot springs. The house is simple and the rooms come with a fan and hot water. Here, the main attraction is outside: in the immense garden, where they have installed birdbaths for the magical, colorful hummingbirds that franticly fly about all day. Sit and wait. Since the hot springs are a 10-minute walk away, you can go enjoy yourself early, while everything is still quiet (from 5am, S/. 2). And few more minutes away, you´ll find the Wakanki Orchid Garden. If you need Internet, you can connect to the owners 3G Wi-Fi in the common room. They also have a house on the far side of the garden with two rooms that share the kitchen.

The plus: Mr. Seizo honors his Japanese roots and offers simple dishes that will make your mouth water. Don´t forget to try the perfectly cut sashimi, the delicious fish chowder and the steamed tilapia with white rice. The fish come from his small fish farm. Dine at the family table, next to the kitchen, in a very friendly atmosphere.

Keep in mind: the Casa de Seizo is located 15 minutes from the center of Moyobamba, and is ideal for nature lovers.

Prices: Simple Room S/. 60, Matrimonial Suite S/. 80, Breakfast S/. 10, lunch or dinner S/. 20

Where: Five minutes from San Mateo, 942 804 554. Web 

Casa de mi Sueño, Moyobamba

Orpah, a woman who inherited the land from her parents and decided to plant many flowers and make her home a haven. This place is Orpah´s dream. Cesar, her son, followed in her footsteps and left Lima to open a hotel there, in the middle of the garden. Currently they have 6 very nice rooms. Each has its own small balcony with a hammock overlooking the garden and its small lagoon. The Junior Suite has two windows and a large terrace. In every room there is a king size bed and a good Wi-Fi signal. To watch TV, you’ll have to go down the hall. But, it´s all about disconnecting. They also offer homemade dishes. And a tennis court to get fit. In the 7 acre backyard, you can see flowers, cocoa, coffee, bamboo and small monkeys that sometimes come to say hello. It is located just before Puerto Tahuishco which offers touristic and boat tours.

The plus: The garden full of orchids and the beautiful violet flowers measuring up to 10 feet. There, light blue sui-sui´s and many other birds scamper. The Casa de mi Sueño is also called the “Garden Lodge” and yes, the garden is something to see.

Caution: On weekends or on special dates some neighboring clubs can become irritating because of their loud music. And remember, you are in the jungle.

Price: Simple S/. 90, Double S/. 150, Junior Suite S/. 180

Where: Jr. Edmundo, block  1 of Águila (Puerto Tahuishco) 042-562286. Web 

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