Amazing Trips in Peru: Best-Of in the jungle and among the rivers


Iquitos – The legacy of the caucheros

Iquitos has two surprises: amazing nature a few hours down or up the river and a city worth exploring, strolling the boardwalk and exploring the beautiful ceramic tiled houses. It’s the only architectural capital in the Peruvian Jungle. Do not forget to visit the new floating boat museum at the end of the boardwalk that also includes a visit to the Morey House. This extraordinary time of the caucheros inspired many films and artists such as Mick Jagger, Klaus Kinski or Claudia Cardinale. They have all experienced the magic of Iquitos. Today, you can spend a night in a house with a pool and a garden that isolates you from the bustling city. Welcome to the Iquiteño Oasis.

Pucallpa – In Harmony with the Forest

Traveling to Pucallpa again was a nice surprise. The city itself is bustling but hides many places to connect with nature: eat great food in the Hotel Manish’s garden, experience some of the Shipibo culture in the San Francisco community or spend a few days at the special Ani Nii Shobo. This lodge offers traditional medicine, steam baths and walks along the river to the mouth, where the grey and pink dolphins play. It is an elegant place to separate yourself from the world and feel the energy of the jungle refuge. Welcome to the mystique Pucallpa.

Puerto Maldonado – Wildlife Refuge

For years, Puerto Maldonado has become the hotspot of the Peruvian jungle. Less than an hour flight from Cusco, find the rainforest: rich in flora and fauna. The Tambopata National Reserve is a jewel to be explored. We played with stump and howler monkeys, capybaras, parrots and macaws, sea lions, snakes, tarantulas, lots of insects, and we even saw a jaguar sunbathing on the shore. It was a very lucky day. And we wish you the same. Welcome to the heart of biodiversity.

Tarapoto – The Land of Adrenaline

Tarapoto is a destination to explore Peruvian diversity and not all of the forest is flat, there are also lush mountains, refreshing waterfalls for swimming and wild rivers to go rafting. Tarapoto also offers hiking amid the steep forest, panoramic views and red sunsets. The high forest, Tarapotina, is a land made to combine adventure and relaxation. Welcome to the lush jungle.

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